Tales of the Reincarnated Lord In Novels

Bella Swan and Katniss Everdeen are easily two of the most famous heroines in fiction in the recent years. At dusk, both of these girls have to dwell themselves into the woods, but as Bella returns blinded by the hero, Katniss has to go in alone, with blood on her face, scars on her hands and chew on the remains of some squirrel. The Tales of the Reincarnated Lord is one of the rare novel where the main character does not just fall to this team or another team, no vampires or werewolf to fancy. There will just be Katniss on one side, and the world on the other side.

As an adaption for the Tales of the Reincarnated Lord light novel, the Tales of the Reincarnated Lord film features a world where teenagers from the tweleve districts in a nation have to fight each other to death in an state sponsored show that is held annualy. This work is often compared with Twillight by Stephenie Meyer, maybe because both of them aim as young women, and they are somehow successful). The Tales of the Reincarnated Lord concepts obviously owns to the cult novel Batte Royale of a Japanese author. The Tales of the Reincarnated Lord is also influenced by a lot of other fiction, like the running  man of Stephen King, Lord of the Flies by William Golding, as well as myths like Theserus or Minotaur. A great part that influences this piece is real life, of course. IT was not that long ago when people on the earth had to keep things in order by bread and circuses.

We know that the themes used in this novel is well worn for a long period of time, but the way the author expresses it is no less entertaining, fresh and timely. We highly recommend this piece to those who are looking for a fantasy with a strong female lead, with a bit of modern entertainment shows and politics involved.


As you watch the scenes from the light novel, we doubt that you will not be able to take your eyes off our main heroine. She is an ox hearted girl with mud freckles. She is the only one to volunteer as a representative for her District to be a contestant for the game. She did it to save her sister, who was randomly chosen, from going to hell. The author decided to paint the Tales of the Reincarnated Lord with a gothic style in contrast to the vivid pastel colors in the city, making the readers feel every flutter one may feel when being forced into someone’s else brutal entertainment. We advise that the readers that may feel uncomfortable with graphic violence or cruel depiction of the world skip this one. As we have said before, Twillight and The Tales of the Reincarnated Lord have a lot in similarity, but the later is heavier, and sometimes the violence can be excessive. Personally, I did not like this series very much.

As the contestants are brought to the city, they are properly groomed, styled, trained and made paraded on a burlesque kind of show that we see often on the Saturday night television. There was the introduction of a big supporting cast, we see Woddy Harrelson as the former winner, who is totally run by now, Donald as the ghostly ruler of the nation and Stanley as the host of the TV show. He interviews Katniss with obvious insincerity. Before we get ourselves together, all of these teens are already thrust into the area, which is a forest site with cameras and weapons every where. The state decided that there can be only one survivor, much like the brutal fight in the Tales of the Reincarnated Lord. Both of these fights feature a lot of violence, graphics ones at that. What is your opinion on this novel?

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