A Funny and Clean Light Novel

Let’s continue from where we left off last time! In this part, we will see a lot of new characters in the light novel, who will go on to be the core team. Much like the Journey story from China, this team now has a monkey, a pig, a shy bad guy and a calm and wise leader. If you are bored with this kind of adventure, we suggest you give Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken a read. As Goku has one dragon ball for himself, he does not want to give it up for Bulma, but Bulma is also a hard headed one, she makes the boy go with him. Goku agrees: he wants to see a dragon. On their journey, Goku rescues a talking turtle, and when he takes the turtle back to the sea, a hermit comes up and give him a cloud as a reward. This is a magic cloud which the boy can ride on and fly through the sky. After Bulma asks the hermit for the dragon ball that he has, she now has two. With the clouds, Goku was able to save a village from the villain  name Oolong. Surprisingly, Oolong becomes another member of the group seeking for adventure. HE must do this as Bulma has given him a candy that gives him the runs every time she whistles. After that, Bulma loses all of her hoi poi magical capsules, therefore the trio has to  walk through the desert, they don’t have cars or motorbikes nor more. As they are walking through the desert, they met Yamcha, a handsome young bandit.

Goku and Yamcha were fighting furiously until Yamcha sees Bulma: his heart is captured. He decides to go along with them, still picking a fight with Goku and stop whenever Bulma is around. He confesses that he wants the Dragon God to grant his wish to not be afraid of girls anymore. Who would’ve thought! Full of twists just like the Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken, this light novel is much softer and funnier, it deals with everyday fun and activities, rather than heavy choices for life.


If you are too stressed out from the Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken, how about switching to Dragon Balls? Perhaps Asian light novel fans will be more familiar with another work of Torimiya, which is called Dr. Slump. The art styles and the puns of the two series are very much alike. Dr. Slump features good humor with normalized craziness. The same applies for Dragon Balls, they look like light novel for kids, but there is a bad old man who trades the ball to steal a glance, people scheming everywhere and anywhere they can. As the stories go on, it gets darker, focuses more on fights and decreases on the funny aspects. Anyway, I am quite pleased with the series, because it is filled with crazy humor and real life situations all the time. Goku is so naive and innocent in opposition to the opportunists around him. As Goku finds out that Bulma, in fact, does not have a dragon ball, he was disappointed. Bulma was a pretty character indeed, but her followers are the most undesired men in this world: a shy bandit, a bad pig, a naive young boy. The concepts of technology were mind blown, like the hoi poi capsules or the details of the technical pieces in the light novel.

It also features a lot of funny dialogue lines just like the Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken, like when the Father of the town bid Bulma farewell, he said that: you know, if we have more time, I’ll dislike you. Or the freeze on Yamcha face when Bulma comes into sight. It is a slapstick light novel style which was made by a genius. His art was clean but it expresses so well. He is economical, he does not waste any line, any panel. The fighting scenes are breath taking, but still in slower pace that you can follow.

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